Energy Certificates

As of January 2009, building energy certificates are a legal requirement for all properties sold in Portugal. Certification involves a qualified engineer visiting the property for sale and assessing the home to determine its thermal efficiency. If you have a property for sale or are looking to buy, Atlas Property Portugal works with approved engineers to offer this service.

Energy Certificates - a Brief Summary

In 2002, the European Union issued a decree known as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This was aimed at tackling the problem of energy consumption in buildings which accounts for a large percentage of European carbon emissions.  Part of this EU legislation is the issue of Building Energy Certificates. These are certificates similar to those issued with refrigerators and washing machines with grades of A to G, A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. Each European country has been applying this legislation at government level and Portugal has now implemented its own national laws on the subject. As of January 2009, all buildings (new and existing) require energy certification. For further information please see:  (only available in Portuguese)

Why do we need these certificates?

The energy certificates are a legal requirement as from January 2009 for all properties which are sold or rented.

What does it entail?

Certification involves a qualified engineer visiting the property and assessing the building in terms of the type of construction (walls, windows, insulation, etc.) and the type of services within (heating, air conditioning, solar, etc.). The engineer will then calculate the thermal efficiency of the building and then issue the energy certificate (via the government energy agency, ADENE).  With an existing building, the only legal requirement is to possess an energy certificate. It is not a requirement to achieve a particular grade.

What is needed for the survey to be done?

Documents required for the survey are:

Who can carry out these surveys?

Certification can only be carried out by qualified architects or engineers. To date there are less than 500 qualified individuals is therefore important to apply early if you would like certification for your property.

What do they cost?

Costs for obtaining this survey and certificate vary but in general range from Eur 200 for a one bed apartment to Eur 450 for large villas. There is also a charge levied by the government agency ADENE which issues the certificate.

How do I arrange the certification?

Atlas Property Portugal works with accredited engineers and can arrange certification for your property.  We will put you directly in touch with the engineer. Please Contact Us